Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Send Your Kids to Bible Camp

 It’s almost camp time again.  Most families are already making their summer plans so it is time to begin promoting and even fundraising so that kids can attend this special event. 


The Top Ten Reasons Your Child Should Attend Kid’s Camp (in descending order)

10.    You will have a few days while your child is away to do that special project you have been putting off.

9.      The camp food is very good and your child will have a chance to experience the great outdoors.

8.      Your child will have lots of fun in a safe and wholesome environment.

7.      Your child will make amazing friends from all over Alaska who love Jesus too!

6.      Your child will hear great speakers who will share God’s Word in a creative, kid-friendly and powerful way.  He will enjoy worshipping God with others.

5.      Your child is a kid for only a short time and should enjoy being a kid. Special memories are made at camp.

4.      Your child will disconnect from technology and media while connecting with the Holy Spirit.

3.      Surveys say that a week of camp is equivalent to one year’s worth of Sunday School.

2.      The monetary investment is not as much as most parents spend yearly on sports, school activities, secular camps, toys and video games.  Camp is a spiritual investment in your child’s life that pays big dividends.

AND…the most important reason your child should attend kid’s camp is:

1.Your child will encounter  God in a personal way.  He may be healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and hear God speak about his life calling.